The Water House
The water house incorporates many green infrastructure technologies to recycle water input into accessible water, cooling, and food production.


The Water House is based on a set of principles that is adaptable to local climates and culture. It embodies the use of local materials, sustainable green infrastructure and it can be used to foster community development. It includes many green features that recycle rain water and waste water streams to provide access to clean water as well as cooling and food production.  Electricity is provided by a combination of methane digestion and solar energy.  There are two designs to accommodate rural areas as well as urban areas.  The designs can also be modified for dry or humid regions.  The houses were designed by an interdisciplinary team comprised of geographers, ecologists, engineers, architects, and graphic designers.  Some of our team members have experience creating the green roofs outlined in this design project.

Wolfgang Amelung
Brad Bass
James Birch
Abigail Feniza
Helen Huang
Victor Lui
Milan Nevajda
Matthew Poot
Grace Yang