Motivation and Method are introduced to individuals to promote formation of small cooperatives towards incremental improvement of their living conditions and surroundings par excellence.


Making the Home and Family focus of the Ecosystem
Seeds, sapling sowed.. diverse people start connecting
Govt agencies, authorities are engaged, charities, politicy tapped..
Savings/Credit/loan pools initiated- Collective bargaining leveraged..

Plants grow and the community too.. with better understanding of the each other, the earth, water..  Basic  tools and materials brought, learned .. initially  a common facility eg school shed or toilets could be built

There are no house prototypical design, no prescribed layouts .. each and every situation explores their own conditions and start from where they are..  Typically local building market and codes provides the start...

Mud, Sand, Bricks, Thatch, Bamboo, Leaves, Concrete, Steel, Timber, Ash, Garbage.. Why leave any stones unturned.. House Plan and Housing Layout starts to evolve ... At this time feedback from 'innovators' and 'industry experts' Architects and Engineers is valuable ..

For instance.. what often works .. Simple earth block press are brought in (or fabricated locally with available) tools .. with right add mixture of cement or lime available soil could make 'Earth Bricks'  When the right mix is found, these are same as regular bricks or Concrete Masonry Blocks.. 

If the government or mafia has not bulldozed it yet .. In the aftermath of an Earthquake or Tornado, the house may be damaged but knowing how to build it, people would be able to fix it and get back on their feet. (No liabilities, no Insurance, No Dependency) With a 'System Approach' its recommended to empower women and make them the 'Home Owner'
(well perhaps we'll leave the rest for next phase)

The house could grow as the family income and needs grow. Self Design and Built, the house would be more responsive to peoples socio-cultural background.

Americas, Africas, Indias .. Dharavi, Kiebera, Hutangs, Favelas, Ghettos  .. with the natural resources and skills .. we the people .. Yes We Can

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