YouR chOicE
Your choice Simplicity and selfmade.


Your choice house is small house 25m2, consist of two rooms - living room with kitchen and bathroom. There is also sheltered atrea on the nord side, where can be added any instalation without bad effect on the facade. There is also enought place for own toilet.
This house has natural air-condition, which consist of underground tunnel, where the air became fresh and a black "chimney" on the top of the roof, where shining sun make air moving out from the house(and fresh underground air comes in) 
Construction is based on concrete. There is timber construction, filled with clay walls. Windows are made of old glass bottles - here can every habitant show his talent.
Roof is made of plastic roofing, also one bigger window is made of this material, but with opaque one. 
Floor is made of OSB sheets. Sink and shower are made from old crashed ceramics. 

 70$ -timber 1,4m3
 11$ -cement for concrete 0,5m3 - 4bags of cement
   0$- clay walls 14m3- clay from digging the tunnel
112$-plastic roof 45m2
  9$ - rigips
 50$ - OSB sheets - 24m2
  7$ - nails cca 3kg
 20$ - water barrel
 15$ - wate pipes
 15$ - elektricity (very simple)

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