Comfort Cabin
Brings a real-world solution to a global problem Utilizes fundamental building practices that are widely accepted Uses simple construction techniques Building experience not required Uses sustainable and readily available materials Relies on mate


The Comfort Cabin brings a real-world solution to a global challenge by combining fundamental building practices, simple construction techniques and sustainable materials into the design of a comfortable and durable home.  The Comfort Cabin is a temperature-moderated, easy-to-maintain and hygienic home that costs approximately $260 for a 2.2 m x 2.2 m structure, or $5 per square foot.  And, with commercialization and replication, the structure�s costs have the potential to be reduced.  The Comfort Cabin can be constructed by the owner and is easily expandable, helping to ensure global adoption.  It is made with LP® Smartside® products, making it resistant to rot, decay, termites and other elemental damage for years to come.  Due to its low cost, ease of construction and durability, the Comfort Cabin will have a huge global impact by providing attainable, safe and comfortable shelter to people in the world�s poorest areas, and it can be a reality today!  In fact, structures with similar designs and using similar materials are already helping to form communities in Haiti.  View this video to see how �