The Kit for Living
The Kit for Living: Customizable, eco-friendly and easily portable


Kit for Living: Dignity and Security in Uncertain Times - House for 4-6 people

The challenges facing the housing options of displaced or impoverished people are many. They often do not own the land they are on so they cannot pour concrete foundations for their houses and are often forced to move frequently. To respond to this condition we propose a rapid assemble/disassemble system that allows the owner to break down the structure of their house and rebuild it quickly on a new site. The house frame and accessories, made from light-weight recycled plastic tubing, is one component of the "Kit for Living". The others include a composting toilet, a bio-fuel smokeless stove, 2 large plastic water containers and a hand-crank generated L.E.D. lantern.

With serious consideration to the $300 budget, the building materials of this 12'-0" x 20'-0" house are the most basic available: sono tubes for the corner footings, low-cost plastic tube framed structure, plywood sheet flooring panels and sheet metal partitions. Also if the house is damaged and needs repair, the owner is not dependant on a foreign aid service, as they are able to secure these materials on their own for little to no cost and maintain the house independently. The plastic tube frame allows the user something that is not readily available: a structurally sound frame on which to build onto that is water and fire-proof. The user can paint the exterior as desired for light absorption and decoration.

The plastic tube framing will be snapped together easily by hand and the corner posts set into the earth-filled sono tubes for stability. The floor is raised off the ground 18" to protect the inhabitants from shifting mud as it rains and the roof is sloped to collect rain water in a storage tank for future use.  Windows are screened with mosquito netting and the compost toilet bin is accessible from the exterior of the house for removal. While this may be a simple structure, it's an essential characteristic of the design to assimilate into different cultures and be a practical solution to the challenges often faced.

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