The Port-A-Partment has everything one person needs to live! The ultimate in self sufficient living.


This solution was born from interesting circumstances. Before we got married, my husband spent a year living on the streets of San Diego. He saw a huge homeless community, mainly due to migration from colder states. I myself spent a little over a year homeless in Chicago. We shared our stories and designed this together.
No Plumbing needed, and very little wiring...this is something we both wish we had at our disposal when on the streets. If it was made from reclaimed materials where possible (window and cart, for instance) it would come in well under $300.
My material estimate (based in Illinois, mind you) came to $297.76 total.

The Port-A-Partment starts with a simple 4 ft x 3 ft cart. The wood structure is constructed of marine grade wood, to withstand weather. The 'sleeping bay' fold out much like a pop up camper side extension. The structure is lines with a sleeping /sitting pad, that folds out into the 'sleeping bay'.  The canvas triangle 'sails' fold in easily. The shelves and cabinets are compact to allow for maximum floor space. The shelves would have a small lip, to hold canned goods in the 'pantry' during transport. The roof would be at a very slight angle, to allow for water drainage. The roof also would have a small lip, to allow for water collection. The center portion of the roof is a small planter box, for growing food. The back of the structure holds the water reservoir, with natural rock filter(very low maintenance, just wash the rocks). There is also a dual bin for collecting recyclables. The solar panel is small, and would be just enough to power the little light, tiny electric range, and perhaps a small radio. These are available for boat radios online for very cheap, as is a small converter and battery. It would be mounted on a removable telescopic pole. The 'sink' is a baking pan, recessed into the counter top. The 'faucet would be a hand pump,fed by a small water reservoir underneath the counter. This can be filled from a spigot on the larger reservoir. The sink can be emptied by removing it and dumping the water. The window would be crank style and would open outward for fresh air.