simple wood structure with panels
simple , stabile and modulare framesturcture (wood) covered by varius panels regarding to needs.


every house is based on the same wooden structure set size: 4m x 4m x 4m.

after the basic system is set up simple wooden floorings and a corrugated sheet roof can be installed by the owner.

the walls are covered by a panel system (size 2x4m) the frames might be filled by
mesh, woodplanks, glass..

i.g. if one may not afford glass at the moment he could change the mesh later.
dependnding on financial possibilities one could first finnish the upper flor (save)
and later on the ground floor when more mony is avaliable.

rainwater on the roof is collected in a simple bottle shaped cistern.
a photovoltaicpaneel is a possibility to get electricity, but will be too expensive for the beginning.

if location changes one could take all the part and bring
them somewhere elese without too much effort.