shelter | 300
a simple economic 3x3x4m shelter design greatly comprised of bamboo -a natural building material readily available in the south-east asia region.


bamboo is the cheapest of the majority structural materials available in south-east asia. in the region, it has also proven itself to be on par, if not better, than rebars -when combined as reinforced concrete.

a shelter utilizing bamboo has great strength. if then reinforced with cmu, it can provide privacy, safety, and dignity.

concept dimensions are 3000x3000mm area, 4000m height at its lowest.
walls 300mm thick, either from cmu|air|cmu combination or bamboo mat|lattice|chaff filler|lattice|bamboo mat.

single opening serves as both door and window in stable-door configuration. this is aimed to minimize cold air dissipation. all other openings are around the roof, to eliminate hot air from both occupant and use of roof material in tropical climate.

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