'The $300 House' Challenge

Bring affordable housing to the world’s poor. $25,000 prize pool

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A Home for Everyone: A Development & Identity Scheme

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A Home for Everyone: A Development & Identity Scheme The paucity of low-cost housing for the world�s poor has been stressed upon in ad-infinitum forums. This is a topic of not just general or in-principle interest, but a pressing and immediate problem for individuals living in urban areas, a point in example Mumbai, India. Boasting of Dharavi, the largest slum in the world, for concerned Mumbai-kars, the bad-design motifs of the ubiquitous slums is more importantly a health and safety concern. With bad community hygiene attendant to such examples of slap-dash rather than well-thought out structures or absence of them as evidenced by the heart-wrenching sight of the truly homeless, the lack of good-design is of concern for community as well as personal health.

As a group of such concerned individuals working for the Cleantech venture of one of the leading Indian corporate, we were both thankful and intrigued with the "$300 house challenge". What started out as an after-hours discussion amongst a diverse group, ranging from structural experts, cleantech professionals and technologists, culminated into involved brain-storming sessions and personal time and effort put in beyond our professional commitments towards designing a low-skill and low-cost solution.

The design has been made based on material available abundantly in local markets and the aim is to make it a ground reality � a small contribution to a need we feel strongly about. We would like to submit this design and proposal of ours to the source of inspiration that fuelled us, and challenged us.
We have used low-technology materials and simple design that can be built easily at low-cost globally. Our price of $293.71 is based on prevalent market price with proper assessment. Prices could be further brought down with bulk purchasing. We have conceptualised DiD scheme that would enable adoption in a organised manner at a mass level.

We would request the acceptance of our proposal and would welcome any comments and feedback to improve the same. Our dream, which we share with the originators of the challenge, is to make this design a reality. Thanks for the opportunity.

Shantanu Upasani, Karnani Devi, Sourav Kumar, Rahul Bhole, Sachin G Jain, S Mohan Raghavan

Mahindra Partners, India May 26th, 2011


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