The COB Community
A housing project designed for the world’s impoverished.


Our team has developed a line of houses designed to meet the needs of the billions of impoverished people living in the world�s slums.  By evaluating the problems of the end user, we have targeted three main principles in our plan.

Security- The house must provide its inhabitants with protection from nature (rain, sun, heat, cold, insects, animals, etc.).  It must also be secure against criminal elements.

Affordability- The house must be built within a reasonable budget.  For individuals earning less than $2 a day, this aspect is possibly the most important.

Do-It-Yourself- The house must be built in a manner that local populations can build, modify, and add-on to it without technical assistance from the outside.

To achieve our objectives we have selected Cob (clay, sand, & straw) as our primary building material.  This cheap material is simple, flexible, durable, low-tech, and made with local materials.  We have designed three models to illustrate the ability to modify the material to any community.  Our Studio model provides 6m? of living space.  It includes a built in bed and a kitchen counter with a sink.  Depending on material availability the model can be built from between $241-$363. 

Our One-bedroom model can be built for slightly larger families.  It features 12.5m? of living space and can be built from between $413-$625.  Lastly, we developed a Family home that offers four separate living areas with a combined living space of 26m?. This model can be built from between $774-$1,185.

Please review the images for more information on our buildings and techniques. We hope that this project will teach self-reliability and move away from the dependency cycle fostered by the current development models deployed around the world.

Reducing poverty by teaching people to help themselves!!!


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