Edomus - The earth sheltered home buildable in 24 hours
The Edomus is an earth sheltered dome-shaped home that can be easily constructed in 24 hours. The original structure is compact and can be set into a three-dimensional structure with just the addition of water. The specific composition of the material wi


The Edomus is an earth sheltered dome-shaped home that can be built within 24 hours. The structure is compact prior to construction, and only requires the addition of water during the building process. It is a layer of dry cement and particle powder mixture within a mesh netting (similar to a stronger version of plaster of paris) between two layers of polyethylene fabric. Enveloped within the mesh there is also a triangular-hexagonal structured dome frame that snaps into place after the resident lifts it into position. After the dome has been lifted, it can be set permanently in place after wetting the cement mixture.

We have begun initial research and development of the mixture and composition of the material and will continue to formulate its composition should we reach the prototype stage. This material will be a type of flexible cement particle mixture that creates an ideal balance of weight, strength, and affordability. It combines and harnesses the inherent strengths of the egg, triangular, and the hexagonal shapes found in nature.  Because this material will be partially dependent on the local resources of the area, we believe it is best to regionalize the manufacturing and development of it in order to achieve maximum financial and practical efficiency.  For example, the cement particle mixture for colder regions will include more heat-insulating material, while the mixture for warmer regions will be less dense without compromising the structural integrity. Initial estimates for materials also fit within the financial constraints of this challenge.

After the structure has been fixed, residents can further reinforce the structure by covering it with dirt/sand/soil and plants. This helps add additional passive solar capacity to the building and help regulate the temperate of the Edomus throughout the seasons. The home also has a very eco-friendly footprint.

The structure is durable, fireproof, and waterproof.  The top of the structure has a hole that is covered by a funnel-like structure that gathers rainwater and sends it through a tube to a water filtration system that is inside the Edomus.  The funnel protects the structure from being rained on because of its large surface, but also has an aerodynamic shape so as to redirect wind from its sides to inside the structure and therefore provide ventilation.  The water filtration systems functions by first directing the water into one chamber, which allows the water to evaporate and distill into a second chamber.  Water in the first chamber may be used for general purposes, while distilled water in the second chamber  can be used for drinking.

Advertising and corporate sponsorship on the polyethylene exterior can be commissioned by firms looking for novel opportunities for corporate social responsibility. This also allows us to stretch the budget of the home.

The word "Edomus" comes from the Latin words edo and domus, which mean to "give out" and "house," respectively.

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