360 House
I think that the concept of a livable house should be to encourage the person to move forward, to get ambitious of life and demonstrate themself that the chance exists. Dignity, hope and self confidence is what might a house for the poor people should


The basic concept of the house 360 is deployed in hexagonal and pentagonal modules forming a sphere. Because these modules are interchangeable and easy to place the user can change the shape and length of each project. This was designed so as depending on the user's ability to evolve, depending on your comfort and spaciousness.

The subject of these modules are derived from recycled plastic in the world on plastic waste and most countries in process of development not yet have the technology or environmental culture, so an exchange arises between you and your future. Able to afford the house is reduced because the user will be responsible for the collection of plastic waste, delivered to the developer of the module, so that it serves as home credit 360. This generates both cultural and economic exchange, as one of the highest costs in terms of recycling is the collection and as the environment, is to generate environmental culture. "I scrap change for your home

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