8'x10' wooden tent
Designed to take the place of fabric tents


Can be put up anywhere & taken down easily, by placing rocks, cements bricks, cement slab for a foundation - bolt down for weather

Enough room to sleep and eat and cook
Front door locks for safety
Can be improved more if permanent

  • The edge of some walls have weather stripping
  • the floors are connecting by tongue & groove
  • Four walls connected by stress latches
  • Roof attached on high side by hinges
  • Roof attached in front bu twist lock latches
  • Roof protected w/ roofing materials
  • One vent on top
  • One window over flip up counter
  • Flip up counter painted w/ protectent under window
Outside or addition to $300 cost
  • Once 300 house is up cauking and foaming insulation can be put in all corners
  • This place can be improved bu patting in a water holding tank outside w/ hose to counter top area for washing dishes, cooking
  • Electric can be a power cord from an outside source and even solar panel
  • Can use camping toilet, 2 types available
  • Can rig a shower European style
  • Can add shelves and food boxes
  • Can add small room heaters, refrigerator, coolers... home sweet home

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