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'The $300 House' Challenge

From the one-room shacks in Haiti's Central Plateau to the jhuggi clusters in and around Delhi, to the favelas in São Paulo and the township settlements in South Africa, the problem of housing-for-the-poor is truly global.  The $300 House Project, originally conceived by Vijay Govindarajan and Christian Sarkar, is an initiative to bring affordable housing to the world’s poorest: a plight facing roughly two billion people. They have begun to compile ideas and artcles and gathered a community of supporters and advisors around the subject on their website 300house.com.


Vijay Govindarajan introduces the idea

Introduction Video on Harvard Business Review


Contest Awards

  • Community Prize: $10,000 + 2 week prototyping workshop for place 1-3  
  • Jury Prize: Jury picks an additional 2 participants to go on a prototyping workshop (workshop details to be determined). 



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Project Jury

Awarded ideas