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Co-create a model for the agencies of tomorrow. €0 prize pool

Co-create a model for the agencies of tomorrow.


Together with the 10 partner agencies Fork Unstable Media, TLGG, DDB Tribal, Red Rabbit, Philipp & Keuntje, CE&CO, Häberlein & Mauerer, Entega, Kleiner & Bold and TBWA, as well as jovoto, Crowdworx, Good School und frührot, the independent trend and transformation consultant Jörg Jelden is examining how agency models in the communications sector will look in the future.
We have purposely chosen to use the broad term of ‘communication agencies’. By this we don’t just mean advertising agencies, but also branding, PR, event, social media and digital agencies.

This is a joint think-tank project without any direct commercial objectives. It should initiate a broad dialogue about the future of the communications industry and pave the way for the first changes. New ways of organizing agencies, structuring working processes and earning money will be examined. The focus is not on the creative product, i.e. communication or advertising. It is not about the debate of digital vs. classic, but about questions of how to deal with more transparent organizations, freelancers, dynamic working, virtual teams, knowledge exchange, motivation, values, co-creation, cooperations, product development, development and marketing of own intellectual property (e.g. content, apps, services, products), the separation of the idea and realization, measurability of services...

As well as the ideas contest Jörg Jelden will be interviewing pioneers and experts from the industry. A social forecast on the subject will also be made together with Crowdworx. The results will be published in autumn 2012.  

The ideas contest on jovoto should bring ideas and approaches to life, combining new suggestions and the most diverse perspectives. At the focus are broad visions, wishes, ideas and solutions from the creative community. Models for the future should be created together in co-creation.

The most exciting concepts will be discussed in a workshop with the agency partners. Your submissions will of course be highlighted during the presentation. The agency partners will be actively involved in the ideas contest by following your ideas and discussions.

We are looking for the most diverse positive future designs for agencies. But this contest is not about the future of advertising, nor is it about the question of social media, print or content. At the focus of the project is the question of how agencies organize themselves and their work, what their working processes are like and the ways in which they will earn money in the future (retainers, project business, licenses, product development, rights of use...)

Interesting questions to be answered are: how you would convince your client to incorporate new aspects into their work, how it would feel for you as a creative to work in these new agencies, what would your future daily working routine involve and what demands would be placed on you as an employee, on partners or clients by these new agencies?

Task Definition

Have you ever asked yourself how communication agencies could be more motivating, more personable and future-oriented? Or what the everyday routine might entail in a communication agency of tomorrow? Show us what these agencies look like and how it feels to work with and for them! Develop ideas how agencies could be organized differently, how they would work and how they could earn money. Show what makes these agencies so attractive and unique that you would want to work there yourself.

We are looking for short stories, illustrated stories, comics, songs, films that illustrate the life, output and working processes of future agencies.
These stories can feature people such as the boss, managers, clients, friends, partners etc.

It is important that these submissions show future concepts and have a good story. They should differ from concepts of the present day. Your submissions should be visionary and pragmatic. On the one hand it is important to think big and freely. On the other hand, everything new starts off small. Your ideas should therefore also feature the small, initial steps and everyday activities and daily routines.

Target Group

  • all kinds of creatives,
  • agency staff,
  • agency owners,
  • CEOs,
  • agency clients


  • positive,
  • encouraging,
  • inspiring,
  • thinking outside the box

Mandatory requirements

We are looking for positive, visionary and pragmatic approaches, not science-fiction ideas that are out of touch with reality. They should be futuristic enough, but also have a relevance to the present day. They should be pioneering and at the same time be rooted in the daily routines of the future. By future we mean a time period of approx. 5-10 years. Your solutions should refer to a timeframe between the years 2017 and 2022.

This project is only about finding new working processes, organizational structures and business models for the agency of the future and not about the future of the creative product of the agencies, i.e. the future of advertising or communication.

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