TV for the web telecasting the limitless number of youtube videos which you wont like to miss.


With a number of video streaming channels the options of entertainment has certainly widened where you now have thousands of videos for just one genre be it sports, history, comedy and that too for free. This abundant availability of videos has provided an easy availability of watching almost anything from the history and a new medium of mass communication where any one individual can actually reach out to millions. But sometimes these unlimited options pose a confusion and watching them doesn't provide any attraction; I mean you don't really want something if its too easily available. When you have limited and selected choices to make in terms of entertaining yourselves you tend to enjoy more since you start giving respect and credibility to it. That's where television was wonderful. You have limited number of options and that fun of catching your daily series on time was amazing. 
Also how do people get to watch a particular video? Its only if accidentally they catch a link on twitter , facebook or other social networking from a friend. If they miss that link in their daily updates and don't get back to it then its gone, god knows when that accidental link will come back again. There's certainly got to be a better medium. 
What if there could be some middle ground between these two sources of entertainment (TV and web videos); I mean why there cannot be some Internet television service which could actually telecast the limitless number of videos present on the web. Group the videos into different channels, show the users videos of particular genre sequentially, charting out a schedule for each day. Then may be with time as people give a thumbs up to a particular show it can be repeated periodically. This way people would have less difficulty in what to choose from. When people would be guided into what to watch and what not, the popularity and the credibility of the videos on the web would increase.  The work required is to select a perfect mix of videos, group them into various channels  and build a system that can adapt into the changing needs with time and with the count of people getting involved. Then there would be some sense to those billions of videos present out there on the web. Have designed a prototype here. Do check it out.