Digital Net Works-Guided Agencies.
Multiple agencies are connected from the central leader Company with a digital system in regularity in demanding of each own country.


This World is gaining more civilizations in considering with digital-modernized and comfortable life in the most of Countries. To make balance between the digital worlds and the increasing of populations in every days.

The human requirements in every Country will may have promoted in quick communications-net-works into country to country from the central Guidance of Leader Company.

In the view image is shown: Center bigger red circle volume is shown as leader or Principle Company and as an example there are 08 nos. of red circle smaller Points surrounding circle of the centre bigger one distributed with the yellow petals connection as shown in the image.

There are communication between the main company & agent marked with black color arrow. This black marked arrow may instruction/supply from the center or Main Company to the agent in different countries. Similarly, green arrow communicates from agent to main company with positive sign in green color.

The image view of the pen zone-Agencies of the future  is shown as blossomed flower colored with yellow Petals connected between Main Company & Agencies surrounded . blossomed flower is meaning enjoyable communications mutually Main Company & Agencies.

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