Design vs CO2
Sharpen your brain and declare war on CO2!


You're a designer, architect, creative person,... do not wait for politicians, take matters into your own hands.
Suspend design for design, activate the design for the planet.
Connect globally, think locally. Not all countries are equally developed, it should not prevent us from exchanging information in order to become better and to saved the only planet we have.

Agencies should be constantly encourage and remind us that this action is needed without delay. They should insist on the �green� work with clients and to leave them no other option (destructive one for the planet). They should strengthen awareness of the individual, and the importance of every person in this daily struggle.
Today more than ever we have a fast transfer of information (tsunamis, floods, hurricanes, global warming, warnings from all sides) and highest than ever emissions of CO2!  Shouldn�t that be reversed?