Pro Bono Pro-Paganda
Agencies of the Future are Networks - not of Companies instead of Specialists.


nobody needs the battle of signs for mindless  over consumption, in
times resources be exhausted more and more.

if we take the omnicom group of companies and all the others giant
ad-holdings from the bourses and nationalize them - we could build
anew public pro-paganda ministries - pro bono and Ad-dict© then
our future communication brand powered for social affairs, with
contents to content...

in 5 years crowd sourcing would be just a cough in history, like the
illusion of universal generalism and crown forcing© would bring
back design as that is it: a powerfull force integrated worked out
by Author Designers (instead of Leymans), final drafted in media
studios - explicit with the power of beauty and for print and non-
print, in day and night shift-working as well as within living de-
vision of labor.

with Design Advocates the opus-question and with the Kreativ
Gilde the labor union topic would be dissolved and we can come
back to the Ulmer Schule within Design Culture starts out of
Germany in the past...

out of the open manifesto to REDESIGNDEUTSCHLAND of the
IDANDIQ.CA ContentNetWork® -

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