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„We don´t know where we´re going, and we don´t know how we´ll get there. There are no maps, the brakes don´t work, the driver´s blind and the doors have no handles. Enjoy the ride.“

This quote from Arc magazine describes the position many communication agencies find themselves in these days. The industry is facing huge transformations in the upcoming years, creating overwhelming opportunities for new breeds of agencies; While those who stick to the beaten path will be left behind.

Teaming up with ten CEOs of communication agencies, the trend and transformation consultant, Joerg Jelden to set up a temporary think tank to explore these unknown realms, structural insights and spread the knowledge. They have teamed up to examine how communication agencies in 2022 will look. How are they organised? How do they work? Who are their clients? How do they earn money? How do they overcome today´s barriers? To do this, the think tank is interviewing experts, setting up workshops and conducting a quantitative survey. The results will be published as a open study this autumn.

Their intention is to spark a positive change in the industry, enable agencies to transform and inspire professionals to explore new paths. jovoto is a partner of this project and supports the initiative as Open Zone project, because this topic is also about your professional future. The project does not pursue commercial interests, the think tank will share its insights and knowledge. The CEOs of the partnering agencies as well as Joerg Jelden, will be the jury. Five winning concepts will be featured in the final study.

Project Jury