Euro 2024 Germany
Combining the ideas of Europe, Germany, 2024, and Football into one identifiable symbol.


The logo is intricate but simple. It is bold and bright, catching the eyes of those who view it, yet extremely professional. It is made up of 24 circles (1 for each nation, and 2024 is also the year it is being held) in a way that is vaguely familiar to the European flag. The circle is the perfect shape to choose. It is a symbol of unity, the shape of a football, and is open and friendly. These circles are overlapping like the petals of a flower, showing the unity of all of these nations, and their peoples, together. They display the three colours of the German flag, whose vividness display the enthusiasm for not only our nations, but for football too. Additionally, the circle represents the football itself. Overlying the circles are the iconic black and white hexagons that are found on the footballs that we have been playing with since we were children. Finally, the typeface "DIN 1451" was chosen for the pinnacle of German design. Since it was made in Germany and is used across the world, it is the perfect choice.

Please describe the creative approach you took to your design

I started with the idea of using a circle and the 3 colours of the German flag. I then decided to use many circles overlapping to create the beautiful effect seen, and used 24 of these circles for obvious reasons. 8 of the circles are one colour on the German flag. At this point, the logo was recognisably German, was bold and inspiring, but wasn't necessarily obvious that it was for football. At that point, I added the iconic hexagonal pattern seen on footballs across the world.

Please explain how you incorporated the messages, values and mandatory elements outlined above into your design

24 circles for 24 nations and the year 2024. Football is represented by the hexagons. Unity and togetherness are represented by the overlapping of these 24 circles (nations). The German colours work perfectly, originally representing "out of the blackness of servitude through bloody battles to the golden light of freedom". I see this as a metaphor for one of the biggest footballing competitions between nations.

Why should your design become the logo for the bidding phase?

It is fresh, bold, inspiring, professional, and modern. It is the perfect design for a major football event. It encompasses everything in the design brief and is extremely intricate whilst being simply designed. It looks beautiful in colour and works wonderfully in greyscale.