Germany 2024 Bid Logo
The coming together of different nations, everyone different shapes and sizes together for football.


My idea was to create a logo that represented everyone and one that everyone could relate to. I wanted to show Germanys history but engaging enough that any nationality could be inspired. To inspire, the logo had to be exciting and fun but I also wanted to keep the level of craft high so the graphic elements would be clear and professional. Professionalism and order are important but the idea of friendly and open host is key so the logo also would have a more free moving layout that showed anyone is able to join and take part. Lastly confidence is the most important I wanted the logo to be bright with strong shapes. I wanted the logo tell Europe how good and exciting Germany, the tournament will be and we want everyone to be a part of it.

Please describe the creative approach you took to your design

The design idea was taken from the Bavaria clothing patterns. I wanted to create a design which was rich in Germany history. The shapes from the patterns form together to appear to make the shape of a Football. The difference in each shape and the borderless structure of the objects allow the viewer to interpret the logo in many different ways which was the aim.

Please explain how you incorporated the messages, values and mandatory elements outlined above into your design

The message is that the tournament was for everyone to enjoy. the creation and layout of the many shapes used in the logo which do not resemble a clear object (although they have a clear resemblance to Bavaria patterns and shapes forming a football) allow the user to relate. Any shape or size can take part in this tournament no matter who they are, what they look like and lifestyle they have they are clearly welcome to join in. The colours used also have this theme with a nod the German colours

Why should your design become the logo for the bidding phase?

I feel my design should become the logo for the bidding phase as it express "passion, excitement, enthusiasm and a sense of unity and community" I have also taken a risk with the design and included a story, one which I hope will be the start for Germany and 2024.



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