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Design the emotionally appealing advertising visual for Aktion Deutschland Hilft!

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Design the emotionally appealing advertising visual for Aktion Deutschland Hilft!


Aktion Deutschland Hilft, Germany's Relief Coalition is an alliance of a number of renowned German relief organizations that can provide fast, effective and coordinated aid to people in need during major catastrophes. The alliance’s aim is to quickly and effectively provide help to people who need it the most in the event of a disaster, like after the earthquake in Haiti or the tsunami catastrophe in Japan and during similarly severe natural catastrophes. 

The Chairman of the alliance’s Board of Trustees is former German Foreign Minister Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the patron is Germany’s former Federal President Dr. Richard von Weizsäcker. Members of Aktion Deutschland Hilft include: action medeor, the Arbeiter Samariter Bund (Worker's Samaritan Federation), ADRA Germany, Arbeiterwohlfahrt International (Workers’ Welfare Association), CARE Germany-Luxemburg, Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe (Help – Help to Self-Help), Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe (St. John’s Accident Assistance), Malteser Hilfsdienst (Humanitarian Aid Service of the Order of Malta), the Paritätische Wohlfahrtsverband (German Equality Welfare Association) and World Vision Germany. Aktion Deutschland Hilft has been given the seal of approval from the German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI), which is awarded for the particularly financially effective handling of donation monies.

What makes Aktion Deutschland Hilft stand out? Aktion Deutschland Hilft:

  • effectively uses the specializations of the individual organizations (e.g. medical emergency aid, provision of water and food for those affected, construction of emergency shelters etc.)
  • enables the fast provision, transportation and distribution of aid supplies
  • ensures quality by regularly evaluating the projects 
  • efficiently uses donated funds with low administration costs 
  • pools donation appeals of the currently 22 union partners into one joint donations account 
  • carries out daily telephone conferences when required to coordinate the aid and to discuss the situation on the ground (see example)

All relief measures of the 22 alliance partners of Aktion Deutschland Hilft are financed from donations alone. Past experiences show, that organizations with a very high brand profile are taken into consideration to an above-average extent by people making donations during disasters. Aktion Deutschland Hilft therefore wishes to increase brand awareness to ensure that it is taken into consideration more by both new and existing donors in the event of future disasters. 


In the future, the new advertising visual should 

  • increase awareness of Aktion Deutschland Hilft 
  • raise the profile of the alliance and
  • emotionally charge the Aktion Deutschland Hilft brand.

Task Definition

Develop the advertising visual for Aktion Deutschland Hilft!

The new visual will be used in print advertisements in newspapers and magazines, as well as on city-light posters (CLPs). Ideally the visual will also be suitable for adaptation for online banners and for social media promotional measures. Print advertisements and CLPs are very much at the focus, however.  

As well as strong, attention-grabbing and surprising images, you can also work with illustrations, texts and other visuals. Aktion Deutschland Hilft only needs a advertising visual to start with, but in case you have an idea for a whole series of advertising visual, please feel free to submit it too.  

The most important elements of the Aktion Deutschland Hilft brand are (in order of priority)

  • The union character: Collective rapid aid in a catastrophe.
  • The efficiency: An alliance of renowned organizations that each contribute their strengths and experiences and make the most of synergies.
  • The national element: Aid relief from Germany.
  • The transparency: Consistently open accountability regarding the use of collectively raised funds.

Your advertising visual should be based around these brand elements.

Target Group

The advertising visual is aimed at the general public who donates humanitarian aid (abroad).

People who donate to Aktion Deutschland Hilft are represented to an above-average extent:

  • in the age groups 30-49 and 50+
  • in the group of people with university degrees, 
  • in the old federal states of Germany like Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia 
  • and in the group with the highest net household income

However, Aktion Deutschland Hilft also receives plenty of donations from the 40+ age bracket and is therefore well positioned as far as online donations are concerned. 


Your advertising visual should concentrate on the solution and goal, instead of the threats and problems. The atmosphere and imagery of your visual should show that Aktion Deutschland Hilft is a powerful alliance which provides emergency aid in large-scale disasters worldwide. 

Aktion Deutschland Hilft stands for active, collaborative, coordinated, powerful help for people in need.

Mandatory requirements

  • The logos of the 10 main members (action medeor, ASB, ADRA, AWO International, CARE, HELP, Johanniter, Malteser, the Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband and World Vision) as well as the logo of Aktion Deutschland Hilft must feature in the advertising visual. 
  • The logos may not be changed or modified in any way. 
  • The logos of the alliance partners can be used in black and white and the logo of ADH in color. See for example the previous advertising visual
  • The corporate font of Aktion Deutschland Hilft is The Sans and the corporate color red e6000a or 230,0,10 or 0/100/100/0 must be used.
  • If you wish to use images that you don’t own the complete rights for, please ensure that:
    • you may use them within the framework of this project. 
    • and that Aktion Deutschland Hilft can subsequently purchase the rights to the image at a reasonable price.
  • In the Media Center of Aktion Deutschland Hilft you will find additional image material from the disaster areas for your work (Login: Username: jovoto, Password: joADHt719)
  • As the visual will mainly be used in image campaigns and on city-light posters, please ensure – if you are using images from the Media Center – that the file size is not too small.

Useful links:


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Yeah ! Looking forward to it :-)

Hi Jess, can't access to the Media Center??

Thanks! We got that working for you :-)

Hi Jess! If I click on "Print advertisement 1" it runs into error :-( Could it be that the link behind it does not work properly? Btw, it is a great feeling to do something "im Dienste des guten"...

The same happens if I click on "TV ad" :-(

Hey there! I have one question: Are they searching for only ONE Keyvisual/Imagemotive or are they searching for a SERIES? When I read the brief I thought, they want only ONE picture or grafik or a photoshop montage and they don't want to change the motives during the campaign. Is this so? Or not? :D

but in case you have an idea for a whole series of advertising visual, please feel free to submit it too.

Yes, Bert. I have read this, too. But I think, it means, if I found a new Image for the campaign, I can also work out a layout for a citylight and an ad if I want to. But at first they ONLY search ONE new keyvisual... Or not? :)

For example: Voto submitted the dots. So the dots are his new keyvisual. I submitted the life ring so this is my new keyvisual. We both can create many pictures with this - it can be a series, if the client want. BUT it is only ONE VISUAL - dots / life ring. Hope you know, what I mean? :D And maybe the client don't want to pay much money for new pictures to make a series... Ohhhh... I think I will go to bed now. Too many different thoughts... ;)

Hey DENKdifferent, They are looking for one new advertising visual they can use for print advertisement. In case you have an idea how your advertising visual can be used as series, this is welcome to. But in the first line, you should focus on THE ONE advertising visual.

Hey there, long time no see =) I was happy to see the announcement of this contest in the newsletter. The client is a good fit for jovoto.

Reading the briefing however I can't help being somewhat disappointed.

One can "also work with illustrations, texts and other visuals" but all in all briefing and resources strongly suggest a photographic preference.

And since prize money and licensing fee don't really allow for a self made photo shooting, this seems more like a stock photo research contest (and maybe some compositing for claiming authorship).

Or do I misunderstand the briefing?

Hey Alex,

Aktion Deutschland Hilft made the experience that emotional images have the best effect when it comes to donations. But they also want to try something new. So illustrations, texts and other visuals are indeed very welcome.

In case you want to work with images, have a look here http://compfight.com/ . It is a meta search engine for creative commons pictures.

Hello. About the image issue, only the image from the Media Center can be used freely in this contest?

Hey LKK1511, you can also use other image or illustrations etc. If you use other images you have to make sure that they can be licensed by Aktion Deutschland Hilft afterwards to a at a reasonable price.

If I use image or illustration from other website or stock picture without getting the license or the right first, will the client get the license later from the owner themselves? Or must have the license first, then design later?

i am a bit confused - i see many entries with new slogans… is it required to find a new slogan also or do they want to make the campaign with their current slogan? ;)

Hey suyani, they are not looking for a new slogan. The current slogan"Gemeinsam schneller helfen" is fine for them.

does this mean we shouldn't ad a headline at all… only "Gemeinsam schneller helfen"? but if if the concept of the new key-visual needs another headline to get the message better? ;)

No, if another headline is necessary to get the message across, of course you should use one.

I see many questions. Can you explain it more. They look also for a "REDESIGN" from the logo ?

Hey sundesign, Aktion Deutschland Hilft is not looking for a new logo. They are looking for a new advertising visual they can use in print media. Please find here the current advertising visual.

Danke Britta , ich wollte nur wissen ,ob mein Weg der richtige ist.

To sum it up:

They are looking for a photo. But it could also be an illustration, text or another visual.

That means: they simply have no idea about what they want. Great briefing ;) Good luck everybody!

Where do we get the font we need to use on the advertisment?

dafont.com. Have a nice weekend!

Dear Karanja,

if you do not have this font licensed on your computer you can choose other fonts that are similar to it to visualize and design your idea.

I lost my files. Problem. When I download them now I can´t open one of them on PC and MAC.

Anyone who can send me a pdf file? Bert(at)prodeoweb.nl

Hey Bert, Oh that's a pity! Let's see how we can help. Which files do you mean? Best, Jess

The logo files. for PC. Maybe someone can change it to a pdf file. I only need one. The black and white small ones and the Aktion Deutschland in FC. btw. A friend of mine tried to open de MAC files. Didn´t work. If you want, you can get a printscreen of the MAC error message.

I tried to download with the new links, but still don't work... do you have the same problem?

oh finally I could open the .psd, thanks...

Dear jovotans,

Yesterday we had our half time talk with Aktion Deutschland Hilft! They are very, very happy and thankful for the huge amount of ideas in their project and they are pretty sure, that there are some submissions they can work with.

Here is where they want you to focus on:

Think brand! The most important aspect is to make it 100% clear that the advertising visual represents Aktion Deutschland Hilft. - The color of Aktion Deutschland Hilft is red, please make sure that you stick to this color! - The logo (word and design mark) of Aktion Deutschland Hilft can not be changed in any way and please do not play around with the logo as key visual. - The logo bar of the alliance has to be part of your advertising visual - If you use their claim “Gemeinsam schneller helfen” is up to you. - The brand is rather conservative rathen than playful, therefore your visuals should not be too childish.

Think humanitarian aid! Aktion Deutschland Hilft is an alliance of relief organizations in case of major catastrophes. Therefore your advertising visual must - show that Aktion Detuschland Hilft is a relief organization, but without focussing on problems - reflect the alliance charactor of the organization - relfect the serious charactor of the theme emergency relief

Ask yourself what your what you visual communicates! Aktion Detuschland Hilft will use your advertising visual for print ads and citylight posters. Therefore the message should be grasped very quick and easy! - your visaul should communicate solutions instead of problems - should not make anyone feel guilty - since it communicates with donors, it should be respectful and can not be hectic.

What else? Make sure that you guide the viewer through the advertising visual. Some submissions here are a bit too bustling and overloaded. Make sure that you clean up your submssions.

Also, they really like the story telling character of some ideas!

So go on ahead, you are on the right track! Good luck :-)

Is any basher out there?!!!

Yes I think so. 10 places down in one night... :(((((

Pffff. 6 votes no comments. Huray!

yes! i have the name if you need ^^

ah ah .... no comment at all 7 points in less than 20 minutes ;-))

Wow, you're right! Great inspiration & project voto! Thanks :-)






At Mediathek of Aktion Deutschland Hilft there is no log in for the username and passwort to get pictures can someone tell where it is exactly? If I click on the link on go ti the Mediathek there is a picture gallery but the quality and size are too low to use it on a print media

Schade, dass dieser Contest keinen mehr zu interessieren scheint.(die Guides eingeschlossen) :(

Na du hast doch selbst gesagt, daß sich das Halbtime-Feedback so anhört, als ob die Entscheidung bzw. Auswahl vom Kunden schon getroffen wurde. :) Dann muß man ja nicht noch viele Worte machen...

Hey guys, no worries! Nothing is decided yet. The submission phase is not even over!

There are some bashers around. Can you take a closer look, please? ggrrmll...

jepp... i think so... check this please?

Hey guys, I' m doing rating monitoring right away!

a 40 days contest ends now! curious to see the final result!!!

Congratulations dearest community! You did a really nice job :-)

And this just in- We have a few words from the client and the Client's Choice!

First, Aktion Deutschland Hilft wants to say a big thank you for all the great work you've done and over all, they feel they have received a lot of really good ideas!

And now, for their Client's Choice, which they will probably use for their own events:

Congratulations SophD!


yeeeeessss, THANKS Jess and Jovoto team, and congrats to all the winners, it was a very good contest.

Thanks for your support and nice comment Xavier, I'm so excited !!!

Congratulations Soph this is nothing personal against your idea i like it!! but do not understand if the brief said this... Your advertising visual should concentrate on the solution and goal, instead of the threats and problems. The atmosphere and imagery of your visual should show that Aktion Deutschland Hilft is a powerful alliance which provides emergency aid in large-scale disasters worldwide.

Aktion Deutschland Hilft stands for active, collaborative, coordinated, powerful help for people in need.

So then my first idea was about the threats, but it doesn´t work because the brief said they don´t want show the threats and I decide just take off of my mind the idea of threats...This is so confused, I kill to much neuron thinking about this...very unfair this...and I know that almost all the participants were based on finding solutions...I am very disappointed in this contest...=/

Sorry Soph but when something seems really unfair to me I have to talk.

congrats sophD!

I'm really surprised that this one was choosen (cause it is not on brief like sam mentioned) , but i grant you this prize.

cheerz MOSH

congrats soph.. but i totally agree with sam.. i also miss the emotional part on that idea.. it has no emotions in it!!! and this was also in the briefing.. i find it really really unfair...

Thanks, Don't worry guys, I know this is not personal and of course is valid the opinion of each one of us, just to say something, I will make mine the words of Samantha in his idea "Just one mission"... where replies to voto in this way:

"Hey Voto...as always the client decides and the community also...and in my opinion this is the tonality that the client want..."

that's exactly what I decided to do, I say this with all respect and admiration that you deserve.

First of all: Congrats to the winners and to you sophD!

Than i can only repeat what i sais at the beginning of this contest under the briefing:

"To sum it up:

They are looking for a photo. But it could also be an illustration, text or another visual.

That means: they simply have no idea about what they want. Great briefing ;) Good luck everybody!"


Wow! Congratulations to Mary with such a great victory. It was one of my favorite works in the competition. There are many stunning works, but I think I understand why the customer chose her. You are able to express all that needed to be said in the most minimalist form. And it's great. I think that maybe they were not looking for this approach initially, but maybe we need to go beyond the brief to create something unique. Once again, my sincere congratulations!


Congrats to all the winners!