Hilfe, die von Herzen kommt!
Children have the ability to move people emotionally. The message goes from regional to central...


The submitted idea is based on the following logic:

  • The main message is "Hilfe, die von Herzen kommt", which can be found on all slides as a slogan
  • The main message will be repeated in different "dialects" - depending in which federal state of Germany the add will be advertised
    • Using the state's own "language" should bring this idea closer to the people
  • I've just crated 4 slides, one for Bavaria (Bayern), one for Baden Württemberg, one representing Germany as a whole, and at the end one summary slide (if needed it can be continued...)
  • Why did I pick children as a theme? 
    • Well because the target group is most likely either parent or grand parent with strong emotional link towards kids
    • Kids do always stir people (emotional bewegen)
  • Logo / visual image has been created and placed on all slides