Rund um die Welt. Rund um die Uhr. Helfen 360
Advertising targeted toward the values and committments of various groups.


Humanity is enthralled with the Fairy Tale. From the Brother�s Grimm to Heinrich Hoffmann, we seek a world where injustice is quelled and all is made right again. This is why images of hungry and hurting children are so striking. They cut into our pursuit of restoration.


The Helfen 360 campaign uses the children�s stories we love to invite modern heroes to slay dragons, drive back the wolves, and restore happily ever after. By using language associated with famous children�s stories to illustrate the modern wrongs of the world, the Helfen 360 campaign allows Aktion Deutschland Hilft to make heroes of everyday men and women.


The images vary in ethnicity and tone in order to address a wide variety of audiences. Western societies are oriented toward the North. Middle-Eastern and Eastern cultures are oriented to the East. Location of wording, faces, and the prominently-placed Aktion Deutschland Hilft red crosses cultural values, stirring the strings of the common human story longing for once upon a time and happily ever after.

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