We need their help too!
They need our help but...we need their help too!, because they show us the strenght of our spirits


We think that when we collaborate with a relief organization, is because people suffering a catastrophe needs our help.  This is true but... what about feeling that we are the ones who need the help of these brave people too, because they show us the strenght of humanity. Kids who are struggling with these catastrophes for example, somehow are telling to us that, no matter how hard something hit us, we can get up again and nothing will ever keep us down.  The message of this campaign is about telling people that they are collaborating not only with people suffering a catastrophe, but with people that can show us how strong every human being can get, and how we can help each other in a collective way. We help them with a donation, but they help us too because they teach us about the human spirit who can fight with any situation. Peace!

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