e-book360 modular system display


e-book360 modular system display

What is the core principle of your idea?

To provide a touch-point for customers at the point-of-sale, or at trade fairs etc., without having to use electronic features. Note: Future electronic versions added as an illustration of the development of the system. These could become the future "Touch Point Kiosk" for advertising, browsing and purchasing digital publications in any indoor/outdoor location such as shopping malls, airports, railway stations etc. Small versions for use at trade fairs and in bookstores, coffee shops, and more.

Can your idea be applied to different formats (in a bookstore, at a trade fair, at a conference)?

Yes. It can be adapted using the module principal and can easily be assembled and transported. A more sophisticated version could be built for a specialist event such as the Frankfurt Book Fair or a conference, where touching a title could display a large version of the book on a monitor or digital wall.

Would it be possible to turn your idea into a reality, or at least create a prototype of it, at short notice, i.e. by the Frankfurt Book Fair in October 2014?


What do you estimate the costs for the prototype or the final implementation of your idea to be?

Approx. 1,000 Euros for a small scale (table-top size) 3D printed prototype of the basic modular version. Around 5,000 Euros for a full size prototype.