A memory with a sliding usb interface, and a little monitor.


A memory with a sliding usb interface, and a little monitor (about 3”). Monitor shows a simple demo. Three or more pages: cover, writer's info and the possibility to read an abstract. Not necessarily a touch. Demo pages are chosen clicking a button on the case. Usb port are used to tranfer data (password sold to download the ebook), if desired, or for vertical exposition (with a base). The system can be erased by the administrator to change the content and the demo).

What is the core principle of your idea?

Small dimension; easy to use; re-usable for other contents; e-Bookusb can be designed for audio or video contents too.

Can your idea be applied to different formats (in a bookstore, at a trade fair, at a conference)?

With a base, can be shown vertically everywhere. Many e-Bookusb can be lined up on a table, or simply placed on a slanted display stand.

Would it be possible to turn your idea into a reality, or at least create a prototype of it, at short notice, i.e. by the Frankfurt Book Fair in October 2014?

Yes, because industry is ready for a rapidly production. Mechanical and electronic components are implemented in a lot of multimedia products.

What do you estimate the costs for the prototype or the final implementation of your idea to be?