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tree of knowledge

Tree of knowledge - a symbol to which already it is a lot of centuries.

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Idea - creation of the effective stand which will interest the person. Usual pages of the book and electronic tablets show communication between usual and electronic books. The tree symbolizes a tree of the knowledge, everyone can approach and take from this tree of knowledge for itself.

What is the core principle of your idea?
The main idea - to create a recreation and rest place where everyone can study books.
Can your idea be applied to different formats (in a bookstore, at a trade fair, at a conference)?
It is a combined design it easy to collect and establish in any place. It is easy to serve a design and it attracts people
Would it be possible to turn your idea into a reality, or at least create a prototype of it, at short notice, i.e. by the Frankfurt Book Fair in October 2014?
Framework - wooden profiles. Crown - a framework from tubes on which pages of books are fixed. On all design there is an electrical wiring for lighting and food of tablets
What do you estimate the costs for the prototype or the final implementation of your idea to be?
The most expensive in idea is tablets, the price will depend on their quantity. All the rest costs not much.


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