Sand-Fog-Glass Interactive Hologram
Mini Projector + Mac Mini + Leap Motion Controller + Display:Acrylic Glass Structure/Sand/Fog screen


The idea is to make digital content an immersive experience. Adding interaction to holographic displays allows a much more intimate conversation with the product. The materials used are compact, which allows mobility and variations in context.
The base materials are: 1. Mac Mini: Holds all the software (ebook reader) 2. Leap Motion Controller: Affords interaction to the user 3. Mini Projector: Displays the content 4. Display (three parts): a) Acrylic glass structure b) Sandbox c) Fog Screen

What is the core principle of your idea?

The idea is to entice kids, teens and adults to enjoy the digital content in a visually-haptically pleasurable aesthetic experience.

The user could scan through the books using the sandbox as display screens allowing them to still read and maybe at the same time create sand structures to add another dimension to their experience. ala kolmanskop sand ghost town with sensors and then the door frames/windows are glass holograms, and intersections as fog screens.

Can your idea be applied to different formats (in a bookstore, at a trade fair, at a conference)?

Yes, by changing the size of the display structure (glass screen, sandbox, or fog screen) it can cater to an area as small as a 6 sqm rm. For the Trade Fair or a Conference all three display structures can be used allowing multiple experiences for the visitors or consumers. Ex. A large sandbox surrounding a holographic fog screen and on the sides are acrylic glass structures for easy consumption. For the Bookstore we can scale it down to 600 mm x600 mm (sandbox pedestal) interactive pedestals.

Would it be possible to turn your idea into a reality, or at least create a prototype of it, at short notice, i.e. by the Frankfurt Book Fair in October 2014?

Yes, given how easily it can be set up with all the materials available and manpower I am guesstimating it can be created in 3-7 days. The only time consuming portion of this project is the construction of the displays. Especially for the fog/vapor screen, since it has more parts compared with the other two options (sandboxes or acrylic glass structure). It's safe to assume that the sand box pedestal/acrylic glass structure can easily be done in a day.

What do you estimate the costs for the prototype or the final implementation of your idea to be?

Rough Estimate: 1 UNIT Reflected Hologram (Acrylic Glass Structure) : Mac Mini ($600) + Leap Motion Controller ($100) + Mini Projector ($330) + Acrylic Glass Structure (TBD or a really rough estimate of 2.5 sqm x 908 euros as the construction cost per sqm in Germany: $3,048): TOTAL COST: USD 4,080.00 1 UNIT Fog/Vapor Screen Hologram: Same above + Fog Screen (Structure: TBD + Computer Fan + Straws or Steamer TBD): TOTAL COST : 1,080 + (fog screen cost) 1 UNIT Sandbox Hologram: Same above.