The Booklingk
An Inhouse navigation System combined with Inhouse Advertisment and a digital Bookshelf.


The Booklingk is an App for Smartphones and tablets. It receive Information from an iBeacon, which is a transmitter that sends out Signals via Bluetooth. These iBeacons are placed all around the Store to create a digital Room where your Device can communicate with the Things around you,like the E-Shelf or books from the Display Window. The Beacon knows when you come nearby or walk off and, as a Result of the digital Room it can also navigate you through the Store and send you Textmessages.

What is the core principle of your idea?

I want to maintain our shopping experiences we have online and offline. Why shouldn't we combine these to get a larger and better shopping experience?

Can your idea be applied to different formats (in a bookstore, at a trade fair, at a conference)?

Of course! The basic principle is a transmitter which sends Information to Devices. Why shouldn't you use this at a Conference where you can send detailed Previews on all the Visitors in the Room. Even at a Trade Fair you can send Information to your Visitors or guide them exactly to your Position. The Possibilities are endless!

Would it be possible to turn your idea into a reality, or at least create a prototype of it, at short notice, i.e. by the Frankfurt Book Fair in October 2014?

Yes, it will be possible to develop a simple Prototype of this System for the Book Fair in Frankfurt.

What do you estimate the costs for the prototype or the final implementation of your idea to be?

The Beacons are cheap because they are only a Micropchip in a plastic Cover. The E-Shelf will be around 500€ - 1500€, like a Touchscreen. The App will be around 1500€ for the Prototype without supporting the developing in the Future.

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