Artificial Garden

An international textile design company asks you to create fresh patterns based on the theme 'artificial garden'.


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Hey there,

I'm so happy to see this project officially open on the platform. I'm not only looking forward to seeing all of your bold pattern designs but also all of the exciting opportunities that this project leads to!

For anyone who is new to the platform or even if you've shared your skills with us in past projects - be sure you can always contact the Community Management team directly or contact us in the Support Center with any questions you might have, we're happy to help :)

I'm really looking forward to work with you! All the best, Jess

Oh my! I LOVE this project! And the theme!!!!!!!!!!

So happy you like it- we're very excited too :) Looking forward!

Sounds like an awesome project! Why don't we find the name of the client in the brief?

Hi Architempo, For privacy purposes at this early stage of our collaboration the client would rather not be named in the briefing. Excited to see your submissions :) Best, Jess

Maybe Joop again. Wolfgang loves extravagant pattern. ;)

Hello, beautiful project that !!! I have a question, I can present two series, which consist of four design? Thank you.

Hi Karina, We're happy to see you're excited about the project :) and a very good question! You can clearly mark your designs as part of a series, link or tease the other designs, but for licensing purposes I would suggest you upload ideas separately. Best, Jess

Yey! Great project ! Love it!

This project and talent pool is right up your alley as a Textile Designer, dear akwaflorell! Looking forward :)

I will definately take a part in this contest :)

Hello there akwaflorell, so happy to see you here!!

Hey, hiii :) So happy to see you too ... I can't wait to see your designs ...

Hi, looking at the references, it seems that the pattern should just be a one piece, instead of a repeated pattern and it is more like a painting than a flat illustration in 2D, is that what the client is envisioning?

The first upload has both options - either border design or pattern/ allover.

Keen observation sharontan! However there are no specifications for patterns, except for visualising your interpretation of the theme Artificial Garden. These references are inspirational and meant to give you an idea of the current status of market trends- which is of course relevant to the task but it is not specific direction you must recreate. Let yourself be inspired and experiment to see you're interpretation of an artificial garden! All the best, Jess

Wonderful project!!! Well down my route! Looking forward to working on it!

Very exciting project!!! Can´t wait to begin the development!

WOW!!!!!!!!My dream has come true !!! Thanks Jovoto !!!!!

Can I use photos of models for the representation of my design if I mention the link from where I took the photo or not?

Hi ARVA, Thanks for your question. I would suggest putting your main focus on the pattern. It's most important to display a clear view of your design and you don't have to apply it on a piece of clothing or model. All the best, Jess

Thanks for the reply!

The idea overview-side is a little bit psychedelic. :D

Love this! I'm new to Jovoto, but very excited to submit to this brief :) Just to be sure, can I submit as many designs as I want?

Dear majobv, We're happy to have you here! In this particular project you can submit up to 10 designs. Looking forward to seeing yours :) And if you have any other questions, feel free to ask us! All the best, Jess

Looking at the brief, this cool theme is really easy to understand, but quite hard to deliver! For me, who doesn't follow the fashion trend & lack of understanding in textile industry, find the project very challenging! It completely new to me! I have q question: the pattern ... is really must be able to be repeated? Symmetrical? Abstract? or Collage?

Hi LKK1511, It's so nice to hear that you think the briefing and theme are clear and understandable. In addition to our community, this is the first in a series of textile design projects in which we are building a professional talent pool of textile designers. We're excited to provide opportunities and challenges on all levels :) A repeat is necessary in some form because of the printing process, but wether its a small repeat (of many multiples) or if it's a larger pattern with only one repeat is up to you. Symmetrical, abstract and collage are also your design decisions! All the best, Jess

This is beyond amazing! I got an invite to jovoto few days back. Absolutely loving how creatives work here. Very excited to start working on this brief. :)

Hi Naaisha, Great to have you here! Looking really forward to see your submissions. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch :) All the best, Jess

Lets Go! Excellent

Hey there! I'd like to ask if it's ok to use as a base of design wikimedia commons picture that according to google has an open license with free modifications. It would be really heavily postproccessed. Just want to make sure how you see the copyright in such case. Btw the theme is way beyond cool :) Best wishes, A.

Hi asiove, Very good question! If it's a creative commons image that has an open license that is free for modification, technically you are allowed to use it. However, I would make sure it's only a part of your design and you let your creativity shine! Make it uniquely yours otherwise it is not very interesting for the client - and always state where you got the image from! All the best, Jess

Jess, thank you for your answer :) I will not use it in the end, but it was worth knowing anyway. Cheers!

You're very welcome! All the best, Jess

Hey there! Heads up before you head into the weekend- on Monday the 1st of June we have our halftime feedback talk with client. You know what that means, get in your new submissions or updates so we can get the best feedback and direction for the rest of the project! Have a great weekend, Jess

yey! It is really important.

Should we expect some news about it? Exciting!

Hi Indigo, It's up now! If you have any other questions, of course feel free to ask! Best, Jess

What about the client feedback from monday?

Hi wueberg, I was posting it as you typed :) It's up now! Best, Jess

Hey there, I just posted the Halftime Feedback. Scroll on up and read the tips for continuing to develop and create your ideas! All the best, Jess

Nice tips for now on, it looks like all of them are for me! But I still have 5 options to go...thank you Jess!

Hi Jess, i have one question : What kind of printing techniques are we designing for? Thx :-)

Hi maidse, The textiles will be selected for both digital and roller print. Best, Jess

Hello Jess! Can designers from all over the world participate? I read all the contest terms, and I could not find this information. Thanks!

Hi there Pupapop, Yes! We'd be happy to have designers from all over the world participate :) Happy to have you here, Jess

Hey there,

As we enter the second half of this exciting project, we'd like to point out the new Feedback Award we've added to the community prize structure.

The Feedback Award will be chosen by the jovoto creative guides after evaluating the feedback under each of the ideas and the most amount of relevant 'Helpful!' clicks a comments receives ( by using the little ^symbol next to a comment). The goal is to encourage and create an excellent place for our community members to give and receive real, effective and constructive feedback for the development of your ideas.

For 8 easy tips on how to improve your feedback, read this Your jovoto Toolbox: Giving Feedback post.

Challenge yourself to make constructive comments, not only compliments :) We're looking forward to going through your questions, suggestions and intuitive design tips!

All the best, Jess

Hello, Just wanted to know if i can submit more than one design? Fizah

Hi! i think that you can submit max 10 ideas.

Yes it is definitely 10. When you submit an idea in the terms and conditions it will remind you how many more left you are able to submit.

Hi there, Thanks for your help DDiana & garthsimmons :) You can submit 10 designs in this project. As gathsimmons said, in the upload overview it tells you at the top how many ideas you have left to submit. All the best, Jess

Hi Everyone! I needed some help understanding the size rules in the pattern handbook. It says there are no restrictions on the height and then marks a 50 cm height. So a bit confused there. How I understood it is:[ The main design needs to cover an area of at least 140cm. Within that 140 cm it should have repeated (horizontally) at least once. So my design for this should be some division of 140 like 70cm, 35cm, 14cm repeating 2, 4 or 5 times. My remaining 24cm can be a border, either split 12cm on both sides, or all on one side or centre. Allover makes it simpler designing an 82 or 41 or 20.5 cm wide repeat.] Did I get that right? If not I will be grateful if someone would please correct. Still don't get the 50 cm height. is that just an example or a minimum or must? Thank you. Raj

Hi Rajalakshmi, We're happy to clarify! 140 cm is aprox. the width of the fabric on the machine, you can make a repeat that is 140:4 (35 cm) 140:2 (70cm) or one large repeat of 140cm!

Concerning the height always depends if you want to do an all over design or a positional design. If it´s a positional design you should think for a top should be +/- 70cm width and 64 cm high- This will depend if it´s for kids or woman. The 50 cm height is a general orientation of size, it will always depend of the garment you imagine your design on. I hope that helps clarify your question :) All the best, Jess

So far I have only been uploading an image of the main motif in a square rather than showing two of the same image side by side as thought this could be left to the imagination and that the main motif that is repeated is the most important aspect of the designs.... also a rectangular image doesn't look as good on the screen as a square. Am now rethinking this approach and wondering if I should upload a preview of the entire rectangle of roughly 140cm by 60cm. When the designs are being chosen is seeing the full 140x60cm design essential?

Pardon me - my designs are all actually 140 x 75cm

Though these can easily be filled to 164 cm width

Thanks for sharing that Garth! Finally managed to submit at least one design n time's almost up! All the best to everyone!

Thank you for this feedback! Can´t wait to start working.

You're very welcome :) All the best, Jess

Hi everyone! The Artificial Garden is coming to a close as we're in the last week of the submission phase. I just wanted to take the opportunity to remind you about the "Best Collaboration Award" that we're offering. The team of two or more creatives who collaborate on an idea by using the "Invite collaborator" tool on the platform with the highest rank will be rewarded with a 500 euro prize. This is an excellent chance to co-create and swap your skills and ideas and get a prize for it! We're looking forward to seeing some collaboration happen! All the best, Jess

*this comment was revised 11.6.15

Hi Jess, The brief says we can only upload work and parts that are right-free. That is very well understandable in case of the pattern/work we are submitting. But what about photos of models on which we just put the patterns to see how it works on clothes . I see many participates who are doing this but I want to make sure if this is allowed? kind regards, Jacco

Dear Jacco, Thanks for this important question. For the design itself, you can only use material that you have the rights to - that you've made or the licence could be passed onto the client. For the purpose of presenting and displaying your idea, you can use additional material- but you should always source the origin of the image. Hope this was helpful for you :) All the best, Jess

Considering the half time feedback is it a good idea to upload new adjusted images of already submitted patterns? Also shall we keep the old images that we have already submitted as well and maybe write a comment like "after half time feedback" on the new images? Also would it be a good idea to put the new images at the top and the old images at the bottom or the other way around? I was just thinking that it would be worth keeping old imagery in in case the client prefers the old images to the new adjusted new ones. It can be tricky to know how much to adjust patterns.

Hi there Garth, You've got the right idea! Here on jovoto we encourage additional slides so we can see and be a part of your development. Ideally when a creative submits an idea, through the feedback of fellow community members, project guides and the client's feedback you're inspired to develop your ideas. You can put your new slides at the top, as they are the first to be seen. You can absolutely put in a slide that explains the time sequence. However you feel you can best present your idea! We are actually currently discussing an automatic "updated idea" feature, that shows when an idea is updated, that would act exactly as a slide in your presentation to visually organising the sequence of development. If there is anything else I can help you with, just let me know! All the best, Jess

Thanks very much Jess. I will get onto adding more slides to my already submitted ideas and keep the previous ones on there as well. I will make sure to add a label on the adjusted designs reading something along the lines of "post half-time feedback". I will make sure I don't save over the previous versions in case you believe those to be more suitable.

Only one more day to go now. Best of luck everybody! x

Hi everyone. About the free-copyright pics of women. Where can be found them?

Hey orangerender, A safe bet is always checking out creative commons, where you have the right to modify an image. You should always state the source of the image as well. All the best, Jess

Hello Everybody! How can I send the colaboartion propsal? If possible please give me the ansewr soon!

Hi Agata, Do you mean how do you invite a collaborator to your idea? If so, in the idea submission overview there is a button "Invite collaborator". From there you're able to select your partner and once she or he accepts your collaboration request, they will be added to the idea as a collaborator. Does that help answer your question? All the best, Jess

Thank you. "Idea submission overview" -is the place where all projects are presented, correct? I think I am in rush…I don't see it. Another qiestion. How can I change the cover image of one of my projects? It looks like is locked...

Sorry about that, Idea upload overview would be more specific! I mean when you click on the "submit an idea" button or when you are in the edit mode of an existing idea!

Dear all participants, new comers and seasoned jovotans,

Absolutely amazing project! Thank you so much for all of your outstanding participation and designs. We're so excited by all of the fantastic work and new opportunities that come with building up the textile design talent pool.

The Artificial Garden is officially closed for submissions and is open for rating. For all of our new community members, that means the next week is reserved for rating the submissions. It's your chance to go through all of these fantastic designs and do your part to create the community ranking, which is based on your votes.

And of course, if you've still got design fever you can head on over to the new textile design project Chinoiserie-Chic!

I'll get back to you after we officially close the Artificial Garden and announce the final community winners. Thanks again :D See you around the platform! Best, Jess

Dear Pattern Enthusiasts and Participants,

First I’d love to thank you again for the amazing job you did in our first textile design project. It’s an inspiration to work with you and I’m happy to announce this is only the first of many textile design projects with our exciting client that we have in store for you.

This Wednesday we will being announcing more information about the future of our textile design talent pool, how to be a part of it and what it means for you!

Be sure to stay tuned, but until then let’s give a huge round of applause for our 10 outstanding community prize winners from the start of it all, the Artificial Garden.

:: drum roll please ::

  1. Discovery by Kimberley Foulser

  2. Isa by design duo DLKG

  3. Let the Sauces grow!!! by Liliana Pérez

  4. Artificial garden by Laura Muñoz Estellés

  5. Urban Botanist by BreezeStudio

  6. Summer garden by Vanja Paunovic

  7. Potpourri by gusmonk

  8. Diamond Garden by Sally Pickles

Last but not nearly least, as these are core principles of jovoto, your winners of our newest addition to the community prizes, Best Feedback and Collaboration Awards.

Without further adu, congratulations to our first time ever winners of these two special awards:

For best feedback, a big hand for Grico. Thanks for your time and effort to help make the platform a constructive and development-friendly place!

And two sets of hands for our collaboration award which goes to Indigo58 and DesaR for their team work on the idea Common Fantasy. It seems it was indeed a common fantasy for the two of you, great work team!

A huge round of applause for our community winners, congratulations. That sure is a lot to celebrate, good thing it’s Friday! Congratulations to all the winners and thanks again. It was a blast and I’m only looking forward to working with you more.

Have a great weekend :) Jess

Congrats to all the winners!!! :)

Big big congrats! Great designs, guys! Well done!

Congratulations everybody, it has been a pleasure to follow the process of this project! And great to see so many new creatives on the platform that quickly has become active!

All the best,


Heartiest congratulations to all the winners!! ヅ

Big round of applause for the designers of the great winning designs! Wonderful and inspiring designs indeed. A query for the next competitions - would I be right in thinking that they all contain hand-drawn elements and that that would really be a requirement for future entries? I know it says either but it seems hand drawn is generally preferred. Just wondering on how to improve. But meanwhile, congrats to those who got it spot-on. It must have been a challenging decision, there were so many fabulous pieces of work.

Hi anniemaude!

There is no preferred technique to use really, it's completely up to the designer to make the pattern in a way that they prefer. So feel free to use both!

I shall also mention that the decision was not hard to make because it was up to the community! :) Everybody who rated ideas contributed to the final result. Now remains the client's choice award were the clients picks the designs they like the most, and that indeed will be a hard decision!

All the best,


Oh thanks Olaf! I had thought those were the client's choices. I'm beginning to understand better now (this was my first project). I hope we get to see which ones the client does choose in the end - that would be very interesting. And any feedback they give overall, like the half-time feedback which was great. But what I'm getting from what was rated is that hand drawn is still the community favourite :)

Congratulations for the winning designers! Do we get to know what was the client's choice or is that still under review?

Hi Varpu,

Jess is away today so I'm stepping in and answering some of your questions here! That is still in review and can take up to 6 months (that's the time the client has to decide). But it probably wont, hopefully we will be able to give you the results soon, let's see!

All the best,


Any update about client's decision? I would be happy to hear what the choices are. Thank you!

Congratulations to all the winners and the participants as well! This was an amazing showcase of work!

Congratulation to all winners!! :)

This was an awesome competition, so glad I found Jovoto!

Congratulation to everybody, winners, and all participants! :) And thanks to the organizers for the opportunity!

Fantastic work everyone --- such gorgeous designs! Truly deserved. Thanks Jovoto for the fab opportunity. Delighted to do more!

Dear Textile Enthusiasts, If you think this project was exciting, just wait and hear what we've got in store!

jovoto is launching an exclusive talent pool for textile designers like you. It’s called the Textile Orbit and you can read all about it and the awesome opportunities offered right here or you canapply directly here!

If you've already got an Outstanding Textile Design badge on your jovoto profile, you'll be invited automatically. The only thing left to do is verify your ID, which you can find out how to do here.

Exciting, isn't it!? We're looking forward to see you there! All the best, Jess

Dear textile designers, I got some very exciting news for you!

I'm happy to announce that the client have decided to license over 20 of your designs for their archive and we will announce which designs as soon as we receive all the contracts from the client. The client's intention is now to try selling these design to their clients. If your design is one of the designs that is being licensed, you have received an email about it.

Amazing job guys! Stay tuned for more details soon.

Best, Jess

Will we know one day the name of the Client?

Dear Agata, Currently the client prefers not to be named. All the best, Jess

Dear designers,

We want to share this exciting opportunity with you, in case you aren't part of the Textile Orbit yet. If you're not, and you love designing patterns and textiles, read all about it or jump straight over and take a second to verify your ID and apply now!

Anyway, back to the exciting news- We'd like to provide each Textile Orbiter participant with monthly trend forecasts from, Promostyl a leading international trend research and design agency. That means you'll receive a monthly 10-12 page trend direction forecast that includes all of the most up to date information on styles, trends, colours and textures!

We wanted to say thank you for working with us in a way that will help you create designs and develop as designers in and out of the orbit! For more details, check out the blog post here.

All the best, Jess

Hi! I can t send my portfólio: (

Hi nathy1103,

I have had a look at your work and invited you to the Textile Orbit so worries! ;)

Best, Olof

Hey there,

If you didn't catch the Client's Choices- aka: licensed ideas on the blog, here is the post thats shows the first fifteen ideas that have been licensed from Artificial Garden.

Check out the fantastic 15 designs here!

Best, Jess