Enchanted Bones
The aesthetics of the fragile, ephemeral nature of all beautiful things alive.


The beauty of the human body it's fascinating . The organic, anatomical shapes put together with flowers give us that surreal feeling of tranquil melancholy. It communicates the concept of the fragile ephemeral nature of all beautiful things alive in this moment. And by doing this, it makes us truly appreciate their infinite beauty.

Why does your design stand out?

It's sincere, bold and surreal. The visual and conceptual contrast will definitely catch the eye of the young target audience.

Which kind of brands do you imagine using your design?

Zara, Promod, H&M, Forever 21, MaxMara etc The design is for a various styles palette.

The Pinterest sources for the models pictures I have used for exemplification are here: www.pinterest.com/crystaldimas78/passion-for-fashion/ /jenessa_evans/2015-wedding-loves/ /snapteeapp/rock-your-style-with-t-shirts/ /explore/rosa-clara-2014/ /explore/man-bun/ /rebelinwhite/brooke-shaden/ /ellenabridal/rosa-clara-collection/ /pin/6192518211234736/ /pin/475200198157510389/ /nsafer/wedding-makeup-inspirati

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