Birds and Leaves
Combining birds and plants in an artificial design - My interpretation of the requirements.


With this design I simplified my thoughts down to a minimum. While leaves are kept in harmonic green to cyan tones the birds stand out and build a dramatic color contrast, which is supported by the horizontal black and white line. (Of course the birds can be removed from the design) While the overall design is kept simple and static the splashes introduce some movement, but only on the lower half. The white background matches the mid summer, bright, light, and fresh.

Why does your design stand out?

I combined my interpretations of all requirements in a single design. The abstract shapes are my understanding of modern and experimental shapes. The artificial simplification in combination with the powerful color contrasts make the motive easy to understand. By using colors between yellow and cyan the desire for refreshment during mid summer is highlighted. The color splashes symbolize the end of the summer, as autumn (and falling leaves) are waiting around the corner.

Which kind of brands do you imagine using your design?

Any Brand for everyday wear - In my opinion the design is suitable for all women between 15 and 30. The colorful birds make the design a little more cheerful while leaving them out leaves the design simple and harmonic. The theme fits for regular everyday usage.