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Artificially Enhanced Banking

Finance disruptors and creative minds are invited to consider the role of AI in the future of banking in this, our second Crowdstorm with Deutsche Bank. The digital revolution has altered nearly every aspect of our daily lives and the financial industry is no exception. Deutsche Bank has recognised this shift and is committed to opening up their innovation process and jovoto creatives are playing an important role in this process. This new Crowdstorm is the next step on this journey, here is a little glimpse of the story so far:

Artificial Intelligence is re-shaping our world

It is not often that IBM, Google, Facebook and Tesla agree on anything. But when it comes to AI, they all say it is THE decisive step towards industry 4.0. For this reason, the leading tech companies, as well as an increasing number of more typical industrial companies, are assigning the majority of their Research and Development budgets to AI applications. Christian Sewing, the Head of Private & Business Clients at Deutsche Bank sums it up nicely: “it’s no longer about the digitalisation of the banking business, but about the future of banking in a digitalised world.” 

You are invited to explore how the latest AI trends can be adapted to banking, and unearth disruptive ideas that will completely change the way we bank and manage our finances in the future.

What is in it for you, as a participant?

  • Connect with a creative and innovative global crowd.
  • Your ideas will presented to top level management at Deutsche Bank and other key players in the financial industry.
  • A handful of creatives will be invited to develop their concepts with experts at the Deutsche Bank innovation labs Berlin during a three-day workshop.
  • You could win one of 27 cash prizes out of the €25 000 total prize pool - and there is a special "Experience Award" for the two creatives that submit the best idea(s) during the first half of the Crowdstorm:

To get get started you will need to click "join now" over on the Future of Banking and sign up including a link to your portfolio / experience profile - we should have you up and running within 24 hours.

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