Bag it!

Free reign to design a backpack or school bag for students.


Great design competition for new bags -- should be a fun contest.

about 10 years ago

Very small budget imo

who is the client ????

hey thirdbase, this is an "invent a brand"-contest and the client would like to remain anonymous. the important thing to know is that it is a manufacturer of bags.

i love product design contest

fun stuff! are there limitations on the manufacturing process or the products used? you can see my design calling for eco friendly materials and fair trade practices in manufacturing... that's why i'm asking. thanks!

I'd hope that the manufacturer could commit that everyone in its supply chain earn a living wage and work in good conditions...

wow great contest! could be very interesting to create a bag i could use for school.

are we allowed to summit just one idea ? or more ?

Hi JayJay,

You're allowed to submit 5 different ideas in this contest.

is it possible to get to know what price-category the bags will be?

hey dahu, the price category will be entry level to medium priced - anyway, don't let that stifle your creativity!

about 10 years ago

Just for information - if you google brands like "rushfaster" or "sling bag" - then lots of similar designs appear like in this competition - so there are a lot of designs that exists already. So just that you know. It is reallly a tuff and challenging task.

most of them yes. including mine. from the design. but the innovatic things are mostly the special and features made for pupils.

about 10 years ago

Yeah I totally agree.

Hi, sometimes i still experience difficulties in deleting a design... even after 24 hours, any help pls ?

Hi JayJay. You can only delete your design within the first 24 hours after you submit your idea.

owh, okay now i get it. Thanks :D