2-in-1 Messenger-Backpack
Sometimes u need a big backpack - sometimes just ur laptop. Solution: 2-in-1 Messenger-Backpack!


Please click through the pictures above! It's self-explaning... :)

This concept is based on a very personal problem of mine - when I am packing my stuff in the morning:

  • Sometimes I need a big backpack for storing folders, sports-stuff and my laptop -> Big Backpack
  • Sometimes I just need to take my laptop and some papers -> Messenger
  • And beside school, I just need a backpack for going shopping or sporting. -> Smaller Backpack
  • Everytime I take my mobile phone, which I use as MP3-Player. -> Mobile-Phone Pocket

So I got all this bags lying around here, taking away too much space in my small student-room and beside that I have to swap my stuff daily from one bag to the other... Why isn't there a simple solution like this one?

2-in-1 Messenger-Backpack

The Messenger- / Laptop-Bag has 2 compartments, one for your laptop and one for some din A4 folders. It is easily de- and attachable with a zipper that goes around the backside of the Messenger-bag. If detached you use the strap-connector to attach the padded shoulder-belt. If attached to the backpack you connect the strap-connector for more stability. The straps are also good for compressing the backpack, if it's not 100% filled. The shoulder-belt has now space in one of the side-pockets.

The side-pockets are accessible via a zipper and giving enough space for some snack, drink or your penbox.

The backpack has one big main-pocket with 2 compartments, accessible via a large zipper. Here you can easily put your sports-stuff and a big folder. Or your shopping. Plain vanilla, without all the bells and whistles � simple and handy.
The shoulder-straps have a loop-and-hook detachable MP3- / Mobile-Pocket. Which you can attach to the shoulder-belt of the messenger-bag.

Besides the fact, that you now just need to buy one backpack it's also very handy to have the possibility to detach your laptop whenever you want. For example: You got some free lessons and you just want to take your laptop to the cafe and surf in the internet � but you don't want to take all your books, folders and sports stuff with you. Leave your backpack with all the "cheap" stuff (that nobody wants to steal) in your class and go away just with your laptop-bag.

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