the bag!
I'm not a product designer.. But I had an Idea. So i tried to draw it.


Well. Drawing at the paper was the first. And then here. In this digital way. Not really good. But the most important things are shown.

Now i just want to explain what i thougt a good bag must have and why.
The first thing is the style. This bag has the typically style of modern bags. And as i know from myself its very good.

For the colours I just used simple coluors like grey, black and white. This shows elegance and is stylish too.

The feautres:

- First of all you have the magnet to close the bag. The position of that is not in the middle of the bag like most of them has ist because that often destroys credit cards or park tickets. This I also know from myself.

- Theres a easy accesable inside pocket at the front of the bag. There you can put the most improtant things like your key's or your moneybag.

- Above is a pen holder and that is very usefull because you often need a pen fastly and you have no time to search inside your bag.

- Also the modern pupil has a netbook. So inside the bag is enoug space for it. And because of that there is an divider which could be taken out if you doesn't need it.  The bag should be available in the two typically formates 13,3 " and 15,4"

All in all the bag is very stylish and usefull for every pupil, student and all others who want a good locking bag.

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