backbone is a wicked concept of an ergonomic and adjustable backpack!


Backbone is a new concept for senior school and college kids. 

A remarkable problem for this target group is their overloaded backpacks. Another current issue is the different activities they participate in. Even in school they don�t carry along only their schoolbooks and lunches but also sports equipment and other stuff. One backpack isn�t appropriate to fit all those demands. 

Backbone is a concept where the structure is based on one basic element (backbone) and a range of attachable compartments. These compartments give the space to divide the needed gear and to attach these compartments when needed. The compartments come with different features so the backpack can be modified and personalized regarding the needs of the user. The example shown features a top compartment for schoolbooks and a laptop. Underneath there is space for sportswear for example and the lowest part can be used for shoes or laundry. Other compartments specifically for hobbies such as photography, skateboarding, travelling, sports,... will be provided.

On the other hand this concept focusses on the ergonomics of the user. The compartments are supporting the spine as they are all individual and on the inside of the backbone. In this way the compartments will divide the pressure on the spine of the user. This concept was inspired by the structure of the backbone of a human being.

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