New Cup



Betacup challenge

First let me say it is a pleasure to enter this contest and I want to first thank the organizers for allowing my entry. My solution is three part with first a redesigned aluminum or stainless steel cup composed of four sizes and a redesigned matching cover with sanitary, convenience and safety factors built into the design. Each size would be reusable and returnable thus meeting the main criteria of replacing the paper cup. To ensure health and convenience of the highest caliber, I propose a new automatic dish washer especially designed to accommodate the new mug for reduced time in washing and drying and increased sanitary capabilities. After initially buying the new cup a cost price, a customer would return the cup when purchasing a coffee and another fully washed cup would be filled with coffee for sale at no additional charges. This returned cup would then be placed in the new dishwasher which uses a pressurized piping system that sprays each cup with first soapy water, for cleaning, then water for a complete rinsing and finally hot air for a more complete drying. This system is different from conventional dishwashers which spray cups with water in a random fashion and only heat the inside air temperature for drying. The system I am designing aims the water and air streams directly at both the inside and outside of each cup from a close distance ensuring reduced washing time, reduced water consumption and reduced energy consumption. A very aggressive promotion campaign would ensure customers are aware of this option when buying coffee and would appeal to the environmental senses within us all. A third aspect to ensure customer options are available, the paper cup would remain in conjunction with the new mug but Star Bucks would initiate a collection system through a private operator for not only paper cups but paper food containers from all fast food outlets and then send the collected garbage to a burning facility in which the heat produced is used to generate electricity. This would enable Star Bucks to be energy neutral for the new process and further reduce the amount of garbage sent to landfills. This system of a gradual introduction of a reusable mug with improved washing capabilities and redirecting all paper food containers from land fills to burning facilities which produce electricity would ensure the optimum solution to the problem presented at hand. Thank you for your time and consideration and I look forward to hearing from you again.


To further enhance the re-usable cup option, patrons using the drive through would be served with a speedy service (called Rapid Beta Service) with minimal verbal interaction from the server.  As the customer drives through, there would be a separate intercom whereby only three options would be available by the push of a button. The customer would insert a prepaid �Beta Card� press one of the three options (Tall Grande or Venti), the price and size would display and then drive on to pick up a fresh coffee from the server while returning the reusable cup. This option would only be available to customers with re-usable cups and would speed up the drive through lines. The size of the cup returned wouldn't matter since all three sizes would be available at the point of contact with the server and each returned cup would be washed immediately in the redesigned dishwasher mentioned before.

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