Independent Review of Sustainability Options


This idea is more involved - An independent review of the entire challenge. Coffee companies should not have to pay for this waste problem, it should be the people either directly or through the government. Coffee companies are in business and they need and want to do whats best, but they need to make money too. For example, forcing customers to do it the Cafe's way will only lose business.

The review would be done by 3-5 professionals from key bodies and expertises. For example, a leader who knows how to compile complicated business cases and decision matrices, environmental regulator(not the lead), a representative from a coffee chain (not the lead), and 2 other established everyday business persons. This is only an example but it is meant to illustrate a lean team capable of summarizing the current options without bias.

In addition to summarizing the options, the key learning will be highlighting the true roadblocks to resolving our challenge. The areas which drive cost or prevent solutions. What are the costs of biodegradable lids, what are the costs of cleanup, what are the true opinions of the people, what is possible in regulation, what needs to be done to be able to use 100% recycled paper in cups (coating, etc)... An unbiased committee with a focus could be funded for 6 months to present their results. Payment terms would be defined to ensure performance.

The government and a sponsoring coffee company would jointly pay and agree to no biased lobbying in the discussions/report. In this manner, roadblocks can be truly understood and overcome without a bias.