coffee cup


Changing the behaviour of coffee consumer will be a very long way and will take a lot of time until there is a full impact to the system.
So we have to focus on the product itself.
When we talk about the problem of people throwing away coffee cups, we have to ask the question why it is a problem. Only if the coffee cup is not good to recycle or when the production method cause the actual environmental effect.
To solve this problem we have to find an efficient way to produce the coffee cup, and use a material that is biodegredable.
So if we look for a biodegredable material in coffee shops, the very first mateial that we see is the used coffee powder.
It can be formed and also works as an insulating container. So there is only a covering layer needed to gain water resistence properties.

Because the coffee grounds are produced in the same time as the coffee has to be filled in cups we can directly transform the coffee grounds into coffeecups.

The  method of pressing the coffee grounds into a cup form and applying a coating of biodegredable material like pla or Celluloseacetat is so easy that it can be done directly in the shop in a seperated machine. The staff in the shop can put in the soywax and coffee grounds into the machine and it is automatically producing the coffeecups out of it.
The amount of needed coffecups will be smaller than the possible amount that can be produced out of the coffee grounds because some people will drink the coffe in the shop with ceramic cups.

To make the innovation visible for the customer the machine will be transparent and shows the process.

After use customers can throw the cup away.

The innovation of this idea lies in the machine that is able to be placed in coffeshops and beeing used by staff. The design of this machine will come later and be added to a new submission.