Living Cup


In a day and age were hundreds of new products are produced daily and presented neatly to us on a shelf; it is easy to forget where they come from and what goes into making them.

Occasionally I think it is great to remind people of the resources that go into a product and give them the knowledge to be accountable.

The 'Living Cup' is a regular paper coffee cup with a secret - in the bottom of this cup lies a seed from the tree it was produced from.
After use of the cup is fulfilled, all ones needs to do is stab some holes in the bottom, insert into the ground, water and love.

Each cup is a living reminder of what has gone into making it and makes each person aware of and accountable for this cycle.

When the cup is placed in the ground it acts as a shield to protect and nurture the seed through early development.
Additionally it need not be a seed of a tree i.e. could be herbs, flowers etc.
The 'Living Cup' also provides a unique selling point for coffee franchises who stock it.

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