Cuptokeep *updated*
Cuptokeep is a new eco friendly take-away cup that you bring with you to the coffee shop.


UPDATE: Most files of the submission were removed from the platform, since Angelica and Katarina have taken their concept into prototyping and want to put it out on the market, which made it necessary to 'hide' some details of the concept. Thanks for your understanding.


Katarina and Angelica have left a note, which is perhaps a little hard to read. Here's what they say:

? "Katarina Mattson and Angelica Lindgren are the team behind Cuptokeep. We are based in Stockholm, Sweden. This submission is closed for viewing at the moment as we are in the development process of our product. We want to thank all our followers for your support and we will let you know when and where you can purchase Cuptokeep.?

?Regards Katarina & Angelica"