The Betacup system


Our current logic and trends seem to suggest that we make a new paper cup that is cheaper but less of an environmental problem but what if we go in completely the opposite direction?

Why not make a cup that isn't immediately disposable and will last longer. In addition to this new cup the implementation of a loyalty scheme where the customer returns (for examples sake) 4 cups and receives the next one free.

There would be multiple benefits to this system such as:

  • Customer loyalty.
  • Eradicating regular cost and environmental impact involved through transportation and manufacture of regular paper cups. (there would be minimal cost associated with cleaning the used cups though)
  • For those that didn't return to the loyalty scheme there would be a definite chance that they keep the cup for use instead of disposing.
  • Increased quality of cup would reflect positively on the businesses utilising them.
  • Increasing cup quality would give wider range to cup design.
  • In a way I feel bad for utilising the homeless demographic - but I'm sure that discarded cups could be collected and redeemed.
I gave the top of the cup a small ridge that would allow a snap on lid and also under the rim overhang is a small gully that would allow the cups to snap stack together.

Note: The lid is an issue I haven't given much thought to yet (render just shows cardboard? snap-on lid. ) - any suggestions?

I believe that this idea has a strong benefit and with a small initial cost output would see considerable and long term benefits for the business.

I would like this to provide the building block to other ideas and ask for a lot of suggestions form the creative forum.

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