The big loss


Hi Toby Daniels!

I have studied grafic design so my solution is communicative.  The idea is to help with coffee cup waste disposal.

Short description: I want to create a Waste-Map (based on google maps) to document littering. Than the Coffeesshop Companys can react individual. See more down.


Step 1: make the consumer aware of the problem

Step 2:  make the coffee shops / branches responsible and help them to solve the problem - eco ranking.


Step 1 - Make people aware: 

Advertising : "The Big Loss - We get the Cup" in print, banner and on the radio.  The advertising campaign has 2 tasks:

  • To make the consumer aware of the pollution problem - don´t litter
  • Also, everyone is requested to document littering on the website. When I was at school everyone went to the park once a year and collected litter.  This could be part of the campaign.  But everyone can join in  - rubbish collecting firms, coffee shop employees, clubs, neighbours.


Step 2 - Collect statistics:

This is the most important aspect.  The website  map (wasteland) shows which brand the coffee cups are and when and where they were found, photographs are welcome.  The coffee shops selling the various brands are also marked on the map.

The map makes it possible to see where the litter problem occurs more and where it occurs less frequently.

With information on the number of coffee shops (and to-go coffees sold) in relation to the amount of litter from the brand sold at those shops in the area it is possible to find out, for example:

  • which brand produces the most litter
  • if there are regional differences - eg.does a Starbucks near a park cause more pollution than one in a pedestrian zone?
  • if there is a seasonal difference - eg more rubbish in summer than in winter?


What advantages do the coffee shops have?

The brand can work on  solutions for each individual shop.

eg: the McDonalds branch in downtown Boston causes a lot of coffee cup  litter in the near by park (see map).  The company can decide how to tackle the problem.


Possible Solutions:

  • introduction of a refund system for the cups
  • the company pays for "McDonalds"  rubbish bins for the park 
  • they employ a rubbish collector to clean the area for an hour once a week.
  • These measures, in combination with publicity from local newspapers etc would prove very worthwhile.
  • Companies may copy such an idea from their competitor.
  • The eco ranking will cause competiton between companies.

--------->Child´s play with the help of the map and statistics. And later it could be ANY kind of waste on the side. 



Pictures just for layout - without licences

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