Throw and Grow


The issue is that recycling cost money and materials, on average, can only be recycled only once before the material is no good. Let us also face the truth that if people have to use more energy from his/her busy day, people do not recycle.

My idea for the betacup is the future of recyclable/biodegradable products because not only does the material go back into the Earth but it also gives back to it as well! The cup would have grass or plant seeds intergraded in the woven of the material fibers of the cup. Once the outside of the cup starts degrading, the seeds will expose and the seeds will start to grow. This cup is truly �recyclable�! Best of all, even if a person does not intentionally recycle, the cup will go back into the Earth wherever it settles. There is no need for planting.

This idea will completely reduce waste. It will actually convert �waste� into food!

The materials and technologies to make this cup possible are already available in many different materials and material processes.

Overall, this cup will bring the �green� to the Starbucks image and set up a new standard for recycling and biodegradable products.

Let the giving begin!

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