Starbucks Value Mug (previously called Rent a Mug)


This concept is a bit tricky. A customer visits Starbucks to buy coffee. The customer can either get Starbucks Value Mug from starbucks by paying a safe deposit for the mug or can bring his own mug. To illustrate this concept, we assume the customer gets the value mug from Starbucks by paying a deposit of say $20 + price of coffee. Since it's a pre-paid value mug, he/she will be forced to bring his own cup. In this case, we assume the customer brings his own mug for his consecutive visit. Starbucks will deduct the cost of coffee from the deposit the customer paid for the mug. So the customer walks in, fills his mug for free and walks away. The customer can top up his account if the balance is less than the price of coffee. Starbucks issues a membership card to the customer, with which Starbucks can track the customers outstanding balance.

What if the customer forgot to bring his value mug? No worries, we can still offer your coffee on "Foldable Barcoded Cups" (my other concept) and upon recycling this barcoded cups at Starbucks, the customer gets points accumulated on his Smart Card.

Alternatively, by paying $30 as registration fee, the customer can have his spare value mug at Starbucks. So, even if the customer forgets one of his value mug, he can still use his spare.

The customer will have an option to upgrade his mug to new design of the same value just by returning his old mug.

This concept has been renamed from "Rent a Mug" to "Starbucks Value Mug".

To add some salt and pepper to this concept, I introduce something called the "Starbucks Save Paper Wrist Bands". Lemme explain how it works. Assuming if the customer makes it an habit of bringing his own cup or the "Starbucks Value Cup", each time, upon completing his top up value on the Smart Card, we can issue him with "Starbucks Save Paper Wrist Band". Customers can now show others their involvement in the betacup drink sustainably campaign. What is the benefit of this band? Here we go..Collect 3 or 5 bands and get your favorite drink FOR FREE!

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