grown cøco-cup • special cultivated and engrafted


//6 � most sustainable

- idea is simple to cultivate a novel coconut-breed with less flesh 
- and let the fruits grow in pre-cup-forms, like bulbs in bottles 
- such novel coconut-plantations can replace mono-cultures in the
   3rd world, maybe also beside established coffee-plantations
- mellowness coconut get beheaded and milk gotten skimmed

- coconut-cup market with less PE cap and sold with refund
- you can bring it back by yourself and got 1 new cup for 5
   or you can administer to beggar on the go and they can 
   collect them, like refund-bottles
- also a urban recycling system is possible, like written before
- Starbuck can let recycle it to (wild-) animal feed and insulant
- or you can rasp it at home to coconut-chips (price incl.)

- fair traded coffee can sold with the coconut-milk, too

� maybe is also possible to bake cups as mass product of 
  coconut-   fruit-flesh with a organic emulgator, like natural
  rubber (eatable) or together with latex, sawdust and cellulose

� also cups made of licorice should be form-stable on the go 
   and could then packed as dollop in pre-saled packs, get 
   cooled  and letter cut in stripes at home


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