bete green


Current coffee cups are accepted by people and they use that in a large number. If we can recycle these caps, there is no need to change its design; or try to change customer's culture.

Current cups are made by paper and a layer of plastic. If we able to separate the plastic from paper, we can recycle them.

This idea is an inspiration from an egg!

The egg has two surfaces around it. One is a hard skin which is outer skin, and other one is a soft skin under the hard. When we want to remove the egg's skin, we break it. But it's not easy to remove yet because the hard skin is grip to egg. If we make a hole on the bottom of the egg and bowl through it, we can easily remove the hard skin.

With this method, we can remove the layer of plastic from the paper cup; and recycle the paper and plastic.

Even we can make the cups by reused papers. Because the cup is full covered by plastic and the cup is safe.



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